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 Date of Birth & Numerology

Understanding the numbers contained within your Date of Birth, can give you many insights into your character and your future potential.
It is believed, by Numerologists, that the day on which you were born was no accident. In this lifetime you will have lessons to learn (karma) and your soul will have incarnated your specific Birth Day in order for you to have very best chance of doing this. Knowing how to interpret these significant numbers, can ensure that past mistakes are not repeated and your soul is able to evolve.

When looking at the specific numbers in your Date of Birth, you can determine your:

Birth Chart Numbers - the individual numbers within your Date of Birth
Life Path Number - the total of the numbers from your Date of Birth
Birth Day Number - the number of the day on which you were born

Birth Chart

Some Numerologists give weight, not only to the sum total of the digits in your Date of Birth, but also to the significance of each digit and the quantity in which they appear.

Having a rudimentary knowledge of each number and its significance, can help you to determine how the specific digits are acting on your life; the decisions you make; how emotional, spiritual or practical you are, and how you react to situations and others on a day to day basis.

Your Birth Chart can be constructed as such:

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Looking to see which numbers appear where and to what frequency is a tool that can be used by Numerologists when helping to carry out readings and prepare information for those wishing to understand how their numbers are affecting their lives. This is a useful exercise for seeing your numbers at a glance; identifying those that may be duplicated and those that are perhaps missing entirely.

Example - Date of Birth - 28.4.1980

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Life Path Number

Using the digits within your Date of Birth, you can calculate your Life Path Number, sometimes called the Ruling Number. This is the number that guides you on the path that you have chosen for this lifetime, and has significant influence over your decisions, attitudes and actions. Our journey along this path, becomes our personal evolution towards perfection. It is calculated as follows:Find the sum total of all the digits in your Date of Birth. All multiple digit numbers continue to be added until a single digit remains, unless the final result is a Master Number (11, 22 or 33) e.g.

         1 + 2 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 38
         3 + 8 = 11
         Therefore 1 + 1 - base number 2
         (1 + 1 will result in a base number of 2, and give a higher vibration of the 
Master Number 11)

The final number is that of your Life Path. For the example used, this individual would have a Life Path 11. A powerful number of The Intuitive Master.

“My own Life Path Number is 9.
Having spent 20 years as a Primary School Teacher, it came as no surprise that the Path I must walk in this lifetime should be one of Service, Knowledge and Compassion. My decision to leave teaching, but still pursue a career which helps, supports and guides people, was completely validated by the discovery of my Life Path 9. The realisation that I have been, and indeed still am, on the right path, gave me comfort and a deeper sense of understanding about why I am here. It reassured me that my time in teaching was worthwhile and that my future plans are aligned with what has been predetermined for me in this Lifetime.”

Birth Day Number

The number of the day on which each of us was born, gives additional traits, talents and abilities.

1st  = 1           11th = 2 (11)      21st = 3
2nd = 2          12th = 3            22nd = 4 
3rd  = 3          13th = 4             23rd = 5
4th  = 4          14th = 5             24th = 6 
5th  = 5           15th = 6            25th = 7 
6th  = 6           16th = 7            26th = 8  
7th  = 7           17th = 8            27th = 9
8th  = 8          18th = 9            28th = 1 (10) 
9th  = 9          19th = 1 (10)     29th = 2 (11)
10th = 1 (10)  20th = 2            30th = 3                                                            31st = 4

Click on the Number which governs your Birth Day to discover what this means for you.  

My Own Birthday Number is 2.
“Being born on the 2nd of the month, gives me a Birth Day Number of 2. This was one of the first Numbers I calculated as it is so straightforward. I also found it easier, in the earlier days, to connect with this Number, as I felt a familiar bond with what is my Birthday. 2 is Duality, Companionship, Cooperation and Sensitivity. I could easily identify with all of these attributes and understood how each of them contributes to my character.
Duality: Having both light and darkness within me. Knowing that one cannot exist without the other.
Companionship: My need to be 1 of 2. To follow and not to lead.
Cooperation: Being a team player.
Sensitivity: Being empathic and feeling how it is to walk in the shoes of another.”

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