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 Numerology Number 1

Historically known as the Monad, it is was seen as much more than just a number. Pythagoras saw it as the symbol of wisdom; the number from which all others came forth. It can be represented as a dot at the very centre of a circle; the origin of all ideas yet to take form. 1 is the self, which learns and grows with each lesson.

Modern Numerology often sees number 1 as the independent individual. Like the number itself, 1's stand tall, proud and are not afraid to go it alone. In their younger years, they may have sometimes felt like a square peg in a round hole and perhaps did not feel like they always 'fit in'. However, when a Number 1 truly embraces the vibration of this powerful number, then nothing can stand in their way. They are innovative, determined and strong-willed.

Sometimes representing the ego, the Number 1 can be over confident and self-assured. Some individuals may use these traits to cover potential insecurities, resulting from the over-protective nature of the ego. Negative 1s can be competitive, controlling and highly opinionated.

1s have potential for creativity due the very nature of '1' being the first. The direction downwards, in order to create the shape of the 1, suggests movement from 'above' to 'below' - creation and manifestation; ideas into reality. They are usually found in areas where their leadership skills work to the benefit of others. They use their creative individuality to inspire others.

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