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 Numerology Number 10

To Pythagoras, the Decad was perfection, as it was the number which contained the teachings and the knowledge of all the 9 previous numbers. Some ancient scholars wrote 10 as a circle with a vertical line down the centre; representing Man, God and the Universe. The pillar (1) also being seen as the masculine, with the circle (0) being the feminine.

In modern day Numerology, some discount the 10 as a number in its own right, and cancel it down to 1. Others, regard the 0 as a significant symbol or cypher (rather than a number) that acts as a multiplier of the first digit; enhancing its potency and vibration.

Those working a negative 1 vibration will have their traits and characteristics heightened by the power of the 0 cypher. They may be extremely egotistical, arrogant and regard themselves better than those around them. They may use their increased creative power for selfish means and to the detriment of others.

10s working positively will be excellent creative leaders, who inspire others to follow them. They use their individuality for the benefit of everyone and set high standards and expectations for the betterment of their fellow man. Those working the higher vibrations of the 10, are pioneering trendsetters and original thinkers.

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