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 Numerology Number 2

Known in ancient times as the Duad, it was created when the Monad reached out forming a reflection of itself. It is the dividing line between Spirit and Matter and represents duality – Good and Evil.

Today, the 2 can be seen as the number of the peacemaker - the certain someone who everyone looks to for help, comfort and advice. They possess the skills of cooperation and mediation. A feminine number, the 2 is sensitive and although can stand alone, likes to be part of a pair. The twisted form of the 2 suggests changes in movement and direction, while the solid base provides stability.

2s can sometimes lack confidence and prefer to follow rather than lead. They can become over-dependent on others, which can lead to tension and resentment. In relationships, jealousy can consume those existing within a negative 2 vibration, as can laziness, apathy and moodiness.

Those working to their higher ideals seek to help others. A balanced 2 makes the perfect therapist, counsellor or mediator as they have an innate ability to see both sides of any story. Their lot in life is to achieve balance and harmony, then work to use this for the betterment of mankind.

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