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 Numerology Number 3

Historically believed to be the first figure that had form; representing the Creative Trinity. This is the coming together of Will, Wisdom and Understanding at the very top of The Tree of Life – the Triangle of Power and the Holy Trinity. A powerful, significant and truly creative number, the importance of the 3 is referred to in many religious and esoteric texts.

Today, the 3 retains its power of creativity and represents those who are self expressive. This maybe visual, kinesthetic, conceptual or verbal. This number is also associated with communication. Using their innate skills, Number 3s connect with others through creative means. This can be through: art, design, writing, speaking, conceptualising or performing. The open nature of the 3, also makes it an ideal number to receive and take on board new ideas.

Sometimes the openness of the 3, can result in a person being scatty, disorganised and irresponsible. The base of the number sits on a 'rocker' which can lead to unsteadiness and lack of stability. If creative tendencies are not used for the greater good, then they can manifest in traits such as superficiality and in attention-seeking behaviours.

The Number 3 is truly content when expressing themselves through their 'art' - whatever it may be. Doing this, will improve their well-being and the quality of their lives. They enjoy being in the company of others and have a special kind of light which lifts and inspires.

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