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 Numerology Number 4

The Tetrad, symbolised using the square. This is where Pythagorus saw the connection between God and numbers. 4 is the Physical Plane – 4 elements, 4 directions and 4 geometrical points. Tetrad is the root of everything which can be named and is the beginning of manifestation. It is the basic structure on which matter is built.

Today, we still see the square as the symbol of the 4; solid, practical and standing firm. Those who have 4s within their numbers will be organised, meticulous and well-planned for all eventualities. These people will be the the planners and the builders.

The Number 4 can sometimes be too rigid and may appear stubborn in nature. To others they can appear judgemental, intolerant and often emotionally withdrawn.

4s have a head full of knowledge, which they gained from the previous 3 numbers. The creative process can now be manifested into physical being. Those working with the higher vibration of the 4 will use their talents for the benefit of others.

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