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 Numerology Number 5

The Pentad 5 provides balance and equilibrium, being the centre of the numbers 1-9. Much of nature can be observed in the 5. The human body can be drawn atop a 5-pointed star, with the extremities of head, and out-stretched arms and legs. Many flowers have 5 petal patterns or clusters and of course there are man’s 5 physical senses.

Modern times view the 5 as primarily the number of change and adventure. At the centre of the numbers 1-9, it is the heart of numbers and can be quite emotional.

With a need for exploration and adventure, the 5 can sometimes lose focus and direction. The number itself sits on a 'rocker' which may indicate instability. People under this vibration may enjoy experimentation as they seek to discover everything that life has to offer.

The 5 however, does possess a level head and so can think clearly. Its shape is open to the past and also looks towards the future. A 5 person enjoys new ventures, projects and pursuits.

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