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 Numerology Number 6

For Pythagoras, this, the Hexad, was a sacred number as the world was created in six days; with man being created on the 6th day. This was the number of creation, life and birth.

Today, the 6 remains a creative number, associated mainly with the home and family. Those with 6s amongst their numbers will be extremely loving and have a strong sense of devotion and responsibility towards their loved ones. The 6 is also representative of the voice.

The Number 6 can become too involved with the lives and problems of others, which in turn can lead to them being taken advantage of. Internally, they may feel like they are not good enough, and so compensate by putting the needs of others above their own. This can lead to resentment and withdrawal. Idealism and perfectionism can be associated with the 6. Depending on the person, this can have both positive and negative connotations.

6s are natural counsellors and advisers. They will innately gravitate towards those in need, who in turn will seek them out, due to their kind and loving nature. When living a balanced 6, a person can be incredibly happy and content in the service of others, while at the same time attending to their own creative tendencies and personal needs.

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