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 Numerology Number 7

Throughout the ages, 7 (the Heptad) was seen to be the symbol of the soul within living man. Spiritual man has 7 senses; 5 physical, plus mental perception and spiritual understanding. In the Greek alphabet there were 7 vowels, seven basic colours and 7 metals. Pythagoras assigned each to one of the known 7 planets according to its vibration. It is said that any initiate with a Life Path of 7 was automatically accepted into Pythagoras's school, due to the spiritual significance of the 7.

Today, many still view the 7 as a significant number. In Numerology, it is the number of the truth-seeker. The 7 looks back and reflects on what has been and uses it to move forward. Those having 7s as part of their number chart, will be contemplative, introverted and happy to spend time alone. They understand the need for sacrifice in order to better themselves, and learn their lessons from the past.

With a need to focus on themselves, the Number 7 can often hide away from the company of others. They may appear stand-offish and at times secretive. Those people closest to a Number 7, must learn not to take this behaviour personally, but learn to understand that it is an innate need of this powerfully spiritual number.

A person under the 7 vibration will most likely be drawn to professions, lifestyles and hobbies where there is need to review, evaluate and refine. They seek improvement in all that they do, for the betterment of themselves, those around them and ultimately for the betterment of mankind.

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