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 Numerology Number 8

Any group, or set of 8, the Ogdoad was represented by the cube. Taking up equal space in the spiritual world and in the physical world with its symmetry, 8 was seen as having good judgement. On its side, it forms the scales of balance and was used to represent justice.

The 8 today, remains the number of good judgement and justice. It is recognised still as the rotated Infinity symbol (lemniscate) and represents the phrase: 'As Above, So Below'. It is associated with abundance and manifestation. Those who have 8s as part of their numbers, will be practical and organised, like the 4, but will have greater sagacity and wisdom; being able to use their skills and knowledge to create what their heart desires.

This number, when worked negatively, can lead some people to be greedy, egotistical and materialistic. Having a natural ability to manifest what they want, negative 8s can be consumed by money and power. They are susceptible to the power of The Law of Attraction, and if used unwisely then will (at some point) be served Karmic Justice - another vibrational quality of the 8.

The 8s are leaders. They have drive, determination and a desire for success. When working with higher ideals, they can inspire others, who will willingly follow. Their intense personal-power makes them magnets for those wishing to know the secret to their success.

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