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 Numerology Number 9

The Ennead was the number of the Initiate and of Initiation. Pythagoras taught, that as humans, we spiral upwards and upwards through cycles of 9. No matter how much we learn, we always return to the source – 10 - the number of perfection. Because of this, 9 was considered the number of completion. This number was said to contain all the knowledge of the previous numbers and has long been thought of as the number representing the Third Eye Chakra.

In Numerology today, this number is associated with compassion and humanitarian ideals. The individual with 9s as part of their numbers, is said to be wholly interested in the well-being of his fellow man. Those with this vibration use the knowledge of the powerful 9 in order to further the progress of mankind.

The 9 can also be ambitious and idealistic. If these ideals are not channelled positively, then 9s can become tunnel-visioned and dogmatic in their approach to life. They can appear intolerant of the views of others and appear moody, hypersensitive and defensive.

Working to the higher ideals of the 9 allows people under this vibration to become involved in activities, hobbies and professions which allow them to give service to others. The Number 9 will feel happy and contented: when giving something back; when sharing the knowledge they have; when lifting others to work to their higher ideals and when the outcome of their work serves the greater good.

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