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Numerology can be defined at the branch of knowledge that deals with the mystical meanings of Numbers, and their relationship to events. It is a divine belief that numbers hold powerful significance and the study of such beliefs has been around for thousands of years. Modern Numerology began as the study of the Science of Numbers by Pythagoras, 660 years before the birth of Christ. He founded one of the first Universities, where initiates were taught Maths, Music and Astronomy. Those who studied with him, were tutored in the metaphysical aspects of each of the digits 0-9, their significance within the universe, and the part they play in discovering The Inner Self. These teachings have been passed down through the centuries and form the basis of today’s Numerology.

Through this study, we can see the lessons we have yet to learn, the skills we need to develop, desires we are destined to fulfil and the knowledge we have to share. If taken on board, they can help to form the very blueprint for our lives. Your soul will never take on more that it can handle, so whatever challenges and opportunities this lifetime throws at you, you are more than capable of facing them, tightly grabbing hold and running with them on your incredible journey.

The Numbers 1 - 9

Each number has its own specific vibrational frequency, which attunes itself to particular attributes and characteristics. Through studying the numbers that we have been given, we can truly get to know ourselves, realise our dreams and fully awaken to all our possibilities. Allowing numbers into your life can improve your well-being, your relationship with yourself and others and your career. They can also bring to light your future prospects and open you up to a whole universe of opportunities.

Please use the dedicated Numerology Number pages linked below to discover more about their meanings and unique characteristics:

Master Numbers

11 – The Intuitive Master
22 – The Master Builder
33 – The Master Teacher

Master Numbers, are numbers with high vibrational frequencies and as such are extremely powerful. A soul choosing to incarnate with a Master Number as one of its main numbers e.g. Life Path, must have acquired the ultimate degree of knowledge and experience, in order that the highest ideals are adhered to during the lifetime.

11 has the power of the double 1 and the 2 (1+1). It is highly intuitive and sensitive. A person with this Master Number has the power of ‘knowing’. It is the number of faith, spiritual growth and evolution.

22 is the most powerful Number you can have in your chart. It has the vibration of the double 11, the double 2 and the 4 (2+2). It is highly organised, systematic and disciplined (like the 4) but still extremely intuitive. Having this number means that you are capable of manifesting and creating whatever your heart desires.

33 has the power of the 11 and 22, that of the double 3 and of the 6 (3+3). It is also known as The Cosmic Parent, as 3 and 6 are numbers of creation. The 33 has much knowledge and an unearthly level of understanding.

Karmic Numbers

Some numbers are thought to have been given to us to teach very specific lessons. When these numbers appear anywhere in your personal reading, then particular attention must be paid. All of the numbers that we have been given have been chosen specifically to help us to learn that which still needs to be learnt, but the Karmic Numbers are especially significant. It could be that we have ignored important opportunities given to us in our past lives or have abused the power that we have been given. These numbers can sometimes be referred to as Karmic Debt Numbers and are important wherever they appear in a reading.

The Karmic Numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19.

Attention must be paid to hard work and effort. Cutting corners will not prove to be fruitful and you must learn to see things through from start to finish. This number brings the lesson of patience and perseverance.

Over indulgence will not help you to work within your higher ideals. This number points you towards temperance and moderation and teaches the lesson of ‘balance’.

This number encourages you to look within to find your answers. Do not seek truth from outside of yourself but have faith in what you’ve learnt along the way. Rise above superficial tendencies and learn the lesson of personal development.

Do not under-estimate the ideas, thoughts and beliefs of others. This number suggests that you are prone to be egotistical and dismissive. Also, recognise that you cannot be in control of everything, but learn to let go once in a while.

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