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Personal Year Number       

The planet itself has its own Numerological Path, moving through phases of a 9-year cycle. Using the digits in each year it is possible to calculate the Universal/World Number and how this affects our own Personal Yearly Cycles. We can think of this number as one which has influence over the whole of humanity.

Knowing the Universal Number, can give us further insight into the things that are happening around us, and how this influences our own lives when combined with our individual numbers.

Using the Universal/World Year Number it is possible to determine the particular period that we are currently experiencing. This is called the Personal Year Number, and also occurs on a 9-year cycle. Having knowledge of our Personal Year Number, can help us to reflect, plan and take action in order to achieve our full potential in any given year. While Numerology cannot predict all of life’s challenges, pitfalls and tragedies, it can help us to keep in mind what we are truly capable of as we move through each cycle of personal growth.

To determine Personal Year Numbers, add the Universal Year Number to your Birth Day and Birth Month.

Universal Year for 2018 = 2+0+1+8 = 11 1+1 = 2
The Universal Year Number is 2.

Birthday: September 14th:

9 (Month) + 1 + 4 (Day) + 2 (Universal Year Number) = 16 = 1+6 = 7

This person’s Personal Year Number would be 7 for 2018.

My Personal Year Number
When I first worked out my Numbers I was in a 4-Year so knew that Hard work and Organisation were key elements at this time.
2017 was 5-Year and I knew to expect: Change, Adventure and Exploration. I didn’t travel the world but I did leave the stability of a full-time job and familiar career to pursue new dreams and desires. This saw me out of a permanent job, and temping, but also saw the start of a new journey, re- training for a brand new career.
My adventure was this massive change in life style and the exploration of my new interests, beliefs and Self! I embraced the 5-energy right away in January of 2017 and cannot say enough about how supported I felt in my decisions knowing that I was being guided by the 5-vibration. I knew deep within myself that I was doing the right thing at exactly the right time.
2018 will be quieter for me as I fall under a 6-vibration. I have aligned myself with this and know that whatever I do will lead me to where I want to be. This year I must not allow myself to become plagued by perfectionism. I cannot be everything to everyone all at the same time. I must find balance between myself and others and speak my truth carefully and considerately. 6 is associated with the voice and so this year I aim to put my voice out there. This website is a vehicle for that.
Knowing that next year is a 7-Year, helps me to plan for what is coming.

Having the knowledge of my personal year Numbers has had a huge impact on my life. The decisions I have made I was able to make with a confidence and conviction I have not known before. So far, my Numbers have shown me that the trust I have placed in them was well-placed. Being supported by these yearly cycle numbers has allowed me to make huge changes in my life; for my own benefit and in turn for those around me.

Personal Month Number

Falling beneath the Personal Yearly Cycles are the Personal Months. Each month has its own Number which exerts different influences depending where you are in your own Personal Year Cycle. These Numbers interact with each other and when combined with the forces of other significant Numbers in your chart, can be a helpful blueprint and guide; especially for those who are seeking to improve and grow, not only for the good of themselves, but for those around them, their communities and the wider world.


Personal Year 7 in March (3) = 7 + 3 = 10 1 + 0 = 1

This person’s Month Number for March 2018 would be

Look at the information in the table below to see the vibrational influence of the Universal Year Number and your Personal Year and Month Numbers.

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“Every month, I write my Personal Month Number on the calendar. It gives me a flavour of the vibration that I am working under and helps me to plan what to do, or what not to do over the coming weeks.” 

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