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What's in a Name ?

Everything in the Universe is in a state of vibration. The spoken word itself causes vibrations in the air around us, allowing us to hear what is being said. Each letter within the alphabet, corresponds with a number and therefore has the same vibration as that number. Is it true that when you hear certain words, they can evoke particular feelings? This is you reacting to the vibrational energies of the letters and their numerical values.

Numerologists believe that you did not receive your name by chance.
The belief is that the soul is eternal and passes from one incarnation to the next. The purpose of this is to eventually attain perfection. To achieve this, lessons have to be learnt (known as Karma). The name you were given at birth has a particular vibration, as do the letters that make it up. These vibrations set you on the path to learn previously unlearnt lessons and hopefully move to a place of Higher Self.

There are different processes that can be used when analysing names and words, but all involve assigning the numerical values (and therefore vibrations) to the letters that they are comprised of. It is also possible to look at the shapes of individual letters and in turn their hidden meanings.

A - 1                       J - 1                   S - 1
B - 2                      K - 2                   T - 2 
C - 3                       L - 3                  U - 3
D - 4                     M - 4                   V - 4
E - 5                      N - 5                  W - 5
F - 6                      0 - 6                   X - 6
G - 7                      P - 7                   Y - 7
H - 8                     Q - 8                   Z - 8
I - 9                       R - 9                            

Most Numerologists agree that the total value of the letters within your full birth name is significant. There are many names for this, but can be called the Destiny Number. Within your name are vowels and consonants. It is thought that vowels signify your hidden desires, while the consonants represent what you portray to the outside world. Vowel totals give your Soul Urge Number, whereas consonants give your Outer Expression (Personality) Number. All persons in this field highlight the importance of the first letter of your first name. This is known as the Cornerstone Number. It is also important to look at the significance of a change in name i.e. your married name. The addition of this does not change your Destiny but can bring additional traits and meanings, hopefully towards the positive and hopefully complementary to helping you learn your lessons and achieve your potential within this life time.

Destiny Number

The Destiny Number or Complete Name Number is determined by adding together the numerical values of all the letters in your given birth name and then reducing this to a single digit.

Example: Ruth Hazel Evans

R = 9                  H = 8                       E = 5
U = 3                  A = 1                        V = 4
T = 2                   Z = 8                       A = 1
H = 8                  E = 5                       N = 5
                           L = 3                       S = 1

   =22                   =25                        =16
   =2+2 = 
4           =2+5 = 7                =1+6 = 7

Destiny = 4+7+7=18

                           = 8+1= 9

Ruth’s Destiny Number/Complete
Name Number is

Her First Name Number is a 4 - vibration

Both her Middle and
Last Name Numbers is

It is also possible to see what vibration each individual name brings. The power of these names on their own will be less significant, but can have some bearing on a person's personality, traits, emotions and behaviour.

“When I began to first calculate my numbers, and found that my Destiny Number was 3, I was a little perplexed. I understood how in my life so far as a Primary School Teacher the aspect of Communication would be important, but I could not fathom how this Number of Creation could be associated with my Destiny. As I read more and more information about Numerology and the power of the ‘3’, I realised its importance in my life. I discovered that 3 is the Number of the Writer. I had not linked creation with writing, and not until then did I fully understand what I was being shown. Being able to work out people’s Numbers is a real honour, but to sit down with them and write about them in order to bring support and guidance is a true pleasure and privilege. As I began writing more and more charts, the essence of Creation and the 3-vibration became clearer and clearer. Each chart I wrote began with a handful of numbers - from this, I could create an image of the person; get to know their characteristics, personal attributes and take a glimpse into their future potential. Through the writing, the full chart took form and was born.
It took me quite a while to know how I am influenced by the Number 3, so if your Numbers don’t ‘speak’ to you straight away, have patience. You will be shown the way.”

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Soul Number

The Soul Number or Soul Urge Number is found by adding together the value of all the vowels in your full birth name. In Hebrew, the vowels were never written as they were thought to be the very essence of God, and therefore sacred.
The Soul Number tells you what your heart most desires.

Example: David Robert Freeman

A - 1
I - 9
0 - 6
E - 5
E - 5   
E - 5
A - 1
1 + 9 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 32 

3 + 2 =

This individual would be Soul Number

My Personal Soul Number is 3.
“After reading so much about the Creative and Communicative Number 3, I knew that my Soul’s Urge was to speak to people through my writing. In my own way, I align myself with my Heart’s Desire through the compiling and communicating of people’s Charts. I know within me there is a need to create, and in turn use these creations to help, support and guide others. The energy of the Number 3 can be erratic and so a strong focus is needed on my part.”

Personality Number

The Personality or Outer Expression Number is calculated by adding together the numerical values of all the consonants in your full birth name.                                    
This number will describe how you appear to those around you.

Example: Susan Michelle Reynard
S - 1
S - 1
N - 5 
M - 4
C - 3 
H - 8
L - 3
L - 3
R - 9
Y - 7
N - 5
R - 9
D - 4
1 + 1 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 8 + 3 + 3 + 9 + 7 + 5 + 9 + 4 = 62

6 + 2 =

This individual would have an
Outer Expression Number

“The image I portray to others comes from a 9-vibration.
This is also my Life Path Number. 9 brings forth the attributes of Compassion and Service; of caring about and giving to others. I have spent all of my adult life as a Primary School Teacher and therefore would imagine that outwardly I express the qualities of compassion and service, which are needed in the profession. It is comforting to me to know that the career I chose for the first 20 years of my life, is so aligned to the 9-vibration.”

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Cornerstone Number

Some Numerologists place an importance on the first letter of your first name - the Cornerstone. If you focus on this letter and its numerical value, then it can give you information on your general approach to life and how you deal with life's ups and downs.

Look at the Numerology Numbers section to gain insight into your Cornerstone Number. 

Current Name Number

Your Current Name Number is the combined total of the first and last names that you go by today. The governing influence of your Birth Name is not changed, but living with a different name and vibration will offer additional traits, lessons, experiences and opportunities. As with all the Numbers in your chart, they will assist you on your journey. Your Current Name Number works alongside your Complete Name Number, rather than replacing it, and is calculated in exactly the same way as your Destiny Number, simply by adding together the numbers of the letter in your Current Name. 

“The name that I currently go by is not my birth name. This new name brings its own energies and traits into my life. I have had this name for 18 years and when calculated, results in an 11 vibration. At a base level, this is a 2 (same as my Birth Day). At a higher level it is a Master Number - The Intuitive Master. When I discovered that my current name resonates at an 11 vibration I was very excited. This Number represents Intuition, Sensitivity and Personal and Spiritual Growth. Being able to manifest what I desire, also comes from the 11-vibration, due to the double 1. I did not realise the true power of the 11 until I embraced my Numbers. Looking back, I can see how the 11 has brought challenges and obstacles as well as taught me lessons about who I need to be.”

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